powering entrepreneurs to end poverty for three decades

Starting out as one of our first clients, iDE’s mission is to end poverty through helping people increase their livelihoods and build long-term resilience by their own accord. They do this through training, connecting people to suppliers and customers, and building networks of small-to-medium businesses in some very difficult market environments.

Pamela Sargent

Pamela Sargent has won the Nebula and Locus Awards, been a finalist for the Hugo Award, Theodore Sturgeon Award, and Sidewise Award, and was honored in 2012 with the SFRA Award for Lifetime Contributions to Science Fiction and Fantasy Scholarship (previously the Pilgrim Award) by the Science Fiction Research Association.


Synspective creates a Learning World where people can expand their capabilities and make tangible progress with new data and technologies.

Daniel S. Price

Dr. Price creates fiendishly hard cryptic crosswords that are both infuriating and fun to solve.

Jeffrey Greene

Fiction writer. Raconteur. Man about town.